Larla Morales

13701234_10206661620006036_7265391465436310361_oLarla Morales is a practicing multidisciplinary artist who was born to Filipino-American parents in Clyde, Texas. She has lived and worked in Amarillo, Denton, and Gentry, Arkansas, before returning to Clyde in 2012. She currently works in the area as a holistic beauty practitioner when she’s away from her studio.

Habitually entertaining numerous, multifaceted ideas at a time, her varied interests influence and flavor her creations as she artfully investigates the potential of each medium she employs. Seeking to generate and maintain a local, sustainable and mindful gnosis, she celebrates the local biome and its bountiful historically significant resources within her work by sourcing and
processing much the pigments, fibers and minerals that she works with, which allows for a very personal dialogue within her work, which includes sculpture, adornment, metalworking, fiber craft, painting and work with dry media. She has exhibited her work in various student group shows associated with the University of North Texas and West Texas A&M University, respectively.

Jen Burns


Jen Burns is a self-taught mixed-media artist who lives in Buffalo Gap, Texas and works in her nearby hometown of Abilene. She has been creating unique box assemblages for 20 years and in 2016 decided to pursue her art full-time. Jen studied Theatre at Abilene Christian University and this continues to be an influence on the visual stories and dramatic settings found in her work.

The landscapes of dreams, magic, myth, and mystery are woven into her assemblages. “I love to tell stories. I love to share both my nightmares and dreams. Most of all, I love to bring discarded objects to a new life with my art.”

Jen’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Abilene, TX including “Mechanical Dreams” at The Cockerell Gallery, “How I Perceive Summer” at The Majestic, and “V Stands For _____” at Art Crush Abilene. She has been the recipient of three jury awards from The BCCA Annual Juried Show in Abilene (2014, 2015, 2016). She is a member of The Abilene Artist Coalition, an organization that promotes diverse artistic expression and community outreach through visual arts as well as an artist member of The Center for Contemporary Arts in Abilene, Texas. Her latest project Eyeball Art Jewelry, wearable art, has found customers throughout the United States as well as fourteen countries around the globe.

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Onashka Hernandez

Onashka Hernandez has over 25 years of experience teaching/studying relaxation techniques, meditation, and yoga. She was a founder of the Waterloo Counseling Center in Austin Texas. She is certified as a teacher for emotionally disturbed children and a kundalini yoga instructor. She has worked with hospice and is currently a counselor.

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Thomás Madrid
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Thomás is an amateur fine art photographer specializing in grayscale photography, and he also serves as the studio manager for Art Crush Abilene. He is a native Abilenian who is an aspiring writer and is involved in local theatre productions, as well. His work can be found on Viewbug, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Brandi Brightwater is the Director of Social Media Interactions for Art Crush Studios and Galleries.